Missing: Chris Brickle, last seen Long Beach, New Jersey, USA

Chris Brickle, the friend of our friend JR Drake who helped us so much in the search and recuperation of my brother Paul Nolan Miralles, was:

 Last seen in Pier Village, Long Branch NJ, USA on Tuesda, September. 

If you see or know someone who has seen him please call his twin brother Michael Brickle at +1 908-461-4511

Please re-post and share as the first few days are critical. 

For tips on how to search for a missing person please visit the www.pnmassoc.com website for practical information on what to do.

J.R. Drake
25/9/2012 06:42:57 pm

A happy ending !!!! My sister has just reported that our friend Chris Brickle has been found and is recovering in hospital. I have no other details at this point in time, however it apears that the prayers have been answered. Many thanks for pnmassoc.com's support and advice.

26/9/2012 03:47:41 pm

That is such goog news JR! I'm really happy Chris is ok.

15/9/2013 11:58:52 pm

Yeah!....Saw Chris last night. He must be in a BAD state. Must be Drugs. He RIPPED ME OFF !! $400 cash out of the desk Drawer!!
I feel bad for him,but worse for my sons car payment!!

18/9/2013 07:16:03 am

Vince, did he really just do this the other day because I loaned him money n he was supposedly giving it back last Friday. So is Chris in the hospital now?


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