David Nolan & Paul Nolan Miralles

We are very proud to announce the worldwide release of "Amsterdam Man" on iTunes, available as a Single and a Ringtone for iPhones. Proceeds of all sales have been kindly donated by David Nolan (Paul's brother) to the Paul Nolan Miralles Association. This will help fund future exhibitions of Paul's photo graphic work and to help families of missing persons in Amsterdam.

Congratulations to David Nolan (Paul's brother, writer of the words and music) and to Ciaran Nagle (Paul's cousin) pictured here, who beautifully recorded "Amsterdam Man" in memory of Paul, together with Tara Novak, Richard J Clark and Evan Landry.

David is now collaborating with Ciaran on ideas for future possible songs.

Ciarán Nagle trained in the College of Music Dublin and in the Royal Academy of Music Dublin. He became a member of the National Chamber Choir of Ireland, singing with them until 1998. He performed at NY’s Carnegie Hall in productions of Haydn’s “Creation” and “Seasons.” Ciarán has worked extensively with Opera Ireland, appearing in numerous productions, including: La Cenerentola, Faust, The Magic Flute, La Boheme, MacBeth, Falstaff, and The Tales of Hoffman. 

This led to Ciarán’s appointment in 1998 as the lead male singer of Riverdance, with whom he toured for two years across Europe and Japan. Upon returning to Dublin, he became a founding member of the Three Irish Tenors, which has gone on to win huge national and international success. 

Anne Ravanona
30/4/2012 10:48:07 pm

Thank you to all of you who have kindly downloaded the "Amsterdam Man" single or ringtone from iTunes. All proceeds from both have kindly been donated by David Nolan (Paul's brother and author of the song) to the Paul Nolan Miralles Association.


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