On the 13th April 2012, we organised a Celebration Party to honour Paul's memory, share happy times and have fun together, friends, family and all. Over 50 people came to the Tonic Bar in Blackrock, where Paul's brother Jaime, had done a great job in setting up the evening.

We shared photos of Paul from when he was small to last year and had a good laugh remembering some of the funny things he loved (monkeys, monkeys, Star Wars, Aston Villa, Glen Hansard, The National, Quentin Tarantino to name but a few!).

Then we proudly inaugurated the wonderful song called "Amsterdam Man" written by Paul's brother, David Nolan and sung beautifully by Ciaran Nagle, his cousin. A live band helped continue the festivities, which lasted well into the early hours!

Thank you so much to all the friends and family who came and to those who wanted to come.

28/8/2022 05:39:20 pm

Thank yoou


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